WE: Benefits

WE Membership Benefits Include

WE: Binars

Every month WE delivers stimulating webinars on the most current topics pertaining to workplace, conducted by leading experts. Topics have included: Neuroscience and Space, Well-Being & the Workplace, The ROI of Workplace Change, Co-working and the Shared Economy, Creating a Truly Sustainable Workplace, and many more. To enjoy past WE:binars and see what’s scheduled in the future, click here.

WE: Brief

The WE:Brief is a member favorite. WE curators review the latest workplace research and published content then share the key findings in an executive summary format to keep you in the know. Check out the WE:Brief page for more details.

WE: Learn

WE launched a Workplace Management Program (WMP) with a complete learning curriculum. The program is designed to develop skills, strengthen alignment to business goals and optimize the value of your work.

WE: Tour

Along with WE events, we tour leading-edge workplaces like Coca Cola, Nike, William Blair and McDonald’s. Best of all, we get to learn about their workplace journey from the people who led the way.

WE: Hub

There are over two dozen WE:Hubs around the world. Hubs hold local events to expand the global conversation and provide WE members with an extended community of cross-disciplinary colleagues.

WE: Connect

WE share great content and keep the conversation going with our LinkedIn and Twitter communities.

WE: Events

• IFMA: World Workplace (NA, Europe, Asia Pacific), Facility Fusion
• Local WE Hub activities throughout the world
• Friends of WE Events: (Work Design Magazine, WORKTECH, RICS, and more)


Click here for upcoming events!

Friends of WE

WE collaborate with a number of like-minded organizations to deliver great workplace events and content. WE keep you informed about upcoming events and offer exclusive discounts to our members.Click Friends of WE to see a list of our partners.


WE LinkedIn and WE Twitter groups provide informal ways to learn and connect with some of the industry’s best minds and those not members of WE.

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