WE talk on clubhouse

WE are exploring the use of clubhouse for scheduled and ad-hoc conversations. Our first trials will be during WWP with a daily series of scheduled check-ins as well as several attendees will be available for ad-hoc questions, time zones permitting in our WE room.

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Below is our schedule – all times are Florida/ Eastern/ EST – no doubt there will be changes so check-back here. 

If you don’t have a Clubhouse account? RSVP to the event, then get the app for your phone (now available for iOS and Android)

WE@WWP: Our final check-in (Zoom)

2:30PM EST Friday Oct 29th

Mosh Pit crashes the Infocomm Conference in Orlando to discuss Cybersecurity and this will be our final WE check-in of the week after the INFOCOMM sessions

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Sorry these sessions have now closed – watch out for summaries and recordings …

WE@WWP: Are WE Ready (clubhouse)

1:00 PM EST Monday Oct 25th

Are you ready? Let’s get the tech working and review our agenda for the week. Also updates after the House of Delegates. 

We are using Clubhouse for our touch points so let’s review the tech and the agenda for the week. If you don’t have a Clubhouse account? RSVP to the event, then get the app for your phone.

More information: 👋 Happening in the Workplace Evolutionaries club – Clubhouse

Registration: https://www.clubhouse.com/event/mJ5b8p1d

WE@WWP: next daily check-in (clubhouse)

5:00PM EST Tuesday Oct 26th

Ask questions from WE members and Leaders who are at the conference before they head off to the WE:Happy Hour

Registration: https://www.clubhouse.com/event/mWOvOkBy

WE@WWP: New Ways of Working – Changing the HealthCare Sector (Zoom)

3:00 PM Eastern (EST) Wednesday Oct 27th

Hybrid session using Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5072756009?pwd=TzdHQUVmWGRjV1JSdTZRTEhQeXJLQT09

Meeting ID: 507 275 6009, Passcode: TrgcJ6


4:30PM Eastern (EST) Wednesday Oct 27th

Including this special edition of the Mosh Pit Live from World Workplace Orlando; please note this is via Zoom, not Clubhouse.

It’s October 2021, and the hybrid workplace is happening! Explore ideas about how technology and flexibility are driving the effectiveness of the core human centered focus on the new hybrid workplace.

Registration: Meeting Registration – Zoom

WE@WWP: Daily check-in (clubhouse)

1:00PM EST Thursday Oct 28th

An early check-in today Thursday 28th so attendees from Europe can join us – submit questions for the “Professionalizing the Hybrid Workplace Transformation” session later …

Registration: https://www.clubhouse.com/event/myYo287O