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WE is a global community

Workplace Evolutionaries is an international community of workplace strategists, change managers, facilities mangers, architects, designers, office furniture experts, IT managers, HR experts, and academics who deeply care about where the world  – and more specifically work (the verb, not the noun) is going.

WE HUBs are regional communities of workplace leaders

WE Hubs are located around the world.

WE Hubs engage with their regional members by providing learning opportunities about the inclusive workplace. And they actively work to engage and share knowledge with other WE Hubs, WE members, Friends of WE and connect with the international global WE community.

WE HUB Leaders are passionate about the workplace and their community

WE Hubs bring workplace knowledge and expertise to the workplace community. They coordinate network events, tours, lectures, panel discussions, and book clubs. And while many events need to be virtual these days, they are using this opportunity to share their events with a larger and broader audience.

They are also key players in the WE community’s program to proactively engage and mentor the next diverse WE community leaders.

Pretty amazing, right?

If you want to learn more, reach out to one of our global WE Hub leaders. They can help you connect with existing Hubs or support your efforts to create a new one in your area.

WE want you to be one of us!

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