From its inception, WE has desired to be a truly global community to expand our collective workplace intelligence and build a network of workplace strategist throughout the world. To fulfill this intent, WE has established a WE HUB strategy.  Our goal is to have a WE HUB in every city in the world which builds a workplace community at a local level.  WE is an inclusive community of practice and as such, we are seeking diversity in our membership to expand our workplace consciousness and thinking.  WE welcome all disciplines and knowledge levels.

To make this lofty vision a reality, WE have asked two exceptional leaders to help us shape and manage our growth strategy.  Kati Barklund is the Global Lead, launching all HUBs outside of North America and Eric Johnson is our North American Lead.

Together they have developed a framework and playbook to help get our HUBs launched successfully.  The first step has been in finding local WE HUB Leaders in key cities that share this passion, have a strong network of like-minded people and are willing to roll-up their sleeves to make this a reality.

WE HUB Leadership program

The goal of the HUB Leadership program is to create local regional hubs of Workplace Evolutionaries that feed and tap into the global WE community to ultimately create valuable workplace knowledge and a global network.

WE HUB Leader role

The role of our HUB Leaders is to take a leadership position to build a local WE HUB in a designated geographical area, by

–  Identifying people who have a desire to learn and contribute to the evolution of workplace

  • For example:  FM’s, Workplace Strategists, Change Management Consultants, Researchers, Architects, Designers, HR and Organizational Design professionals, Corporate Real Estate members, IT, Sustainability teams, Risk Management leads, Academic, etc.

–  Bringing WE members from the local area together face-to-face and/or virtually to share workplace insights and knowledge

  • This could include: Tours, Guest speakers, Webinars, Workshops, etc.

–  Being a catalyst for collecting, creating and sharing workplace knowledge the local area

  • This could include: Case studies, Articles, Research, etc.

–  Collaborating and sharing of knowledge, ideas and best practice with our other HUB Leaders

  • Through for example our monthly HUB Leaders calls and our HUB Leader Linkedin group

–  Liaising with other likeminded groups to build synergy and add value.  (IFMA Chapters, HR Disrupt, etc.)

Our WE HUB Leaders

  • Are passionate and well-versed on the topic of Workplace
  • Enjoy creating community
  • Are of course formal members of global WE
  • Attend our monthly HUB Leader calls

For every WE HUB we want to find 2-3 HUB Leaders to share the leadership within the hub. Ideally the HUB Leaders in each hub complement each other regarding the Workplace topic, respective networks etc.

If you are interested in learning more and/or getting involved, please contact:

WE want you to be one of us!