Unlocking Human Potential Through an Emotionally Intelligent Workplace


“The World Economic Forum identified emotional intelligence as one of the top 10 competencies for 2020. Emotional intelligence is a different way of being smart, and it’s a key to high performance at all levels in the workplace. The best leaders and team members are high in emotional and social intelligence skills – these are the skills that distinguish outstanding performers. Organizations must also consider whether the workplace itself meets the emotional needs of employees and aligns with their unique motivations.

Presented at Th!nkFM to very good response, propose modifying that presentation (attached) for IFMA World Workplace 2019″

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn about the four domains of emotional intelligence from a workplace perspective.
2. Learn why emotional intelligence is important in today’s work environments.
3. Take a 360-degree view of organizational emotional intelligence.
4. Learn how to bring emotional intelligence to the employee experience.

Presented By: Colleen Conklin