The Human Story of a Workplace Transformation at T. Rowe Price

The year is 2016. After months of thorough analysis, the Management Committee of the global asset management firm T. Rowe Price issues a vision for the company’s future – the Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP). The ISP is the roadmap for a business transformation designed to ensure that the firm will maintain its position as a premier asset manager well into the future. Recognizing the far-reaching implications of the ISP, the Corporate Real Estate & Workplace Services (CRE&WS) team knows the time is right to develop an intentional Workplace Strategy to enable the tectonic shifts foreshadowed by the ISP.

The external manifestation of business transformation may be process and procedures, templates and spreadsheets. But the internal evidence is human performance. To achieve the objectives of the ISP, the associates and business units within T. Rowe Price would have to work differently – while maintaining connected to long tenured values and cultural norms.
In this 30-minute, Ted Talk inspired format, four storytellers with deep subject matter expertise will bring the audience along the three-year journey of Workplace and Business Transformation within T. Rowe Price. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, T. Rowe Price has offices worldwide and leverages global investment analysis to maximize value for its clients. In a similar fashion, the Workplace Transformation story spans the globe from Baltimore to London, New York to San Francisco, and Hong Kong back to Baltimore.

The external manifestation of workplace transformation may be bricks and mortar, furniture and technology. But the internal evidence is human performance. This is not a story about place. It’s a story about people in place. Chapters in this transformational story will include:
1. Legacy & Business Context – Do you still work in the way you did 20 years ago?
2. Forging a strong Partnership – Creating a unique relationship with its two existing global workplace strategy and design firms, Gensler and Unispace to document the “workplace DNA” and uncover pathways for future workplace change.
3. Data Challenged – Creative methods to obtain data and build Associate Engagement
4. Old Data New Data – Understanding how people are working
5. Personas and Programming – How this all comes together. A new way to Test Fit
6. The Heart of the Matter – Co-creating a change plan to support associates moving through the change curve
7. Bringing it home – Sharing global experience locally


Learning Objectives:

1) Understand the process that T. Rowe Price used to develop their workplace strategy
2) Share how data was gathered and used to develop ‘personas’ to model a new future
3) Understand how workplace design can be part of larger organizational change—and the other factors that need to be considered to make that work
4) Share lessons learned from TRP’s three-year journey

Presented By:  Chris Calhoun & Arlene Cabrera