TDM and Telework Case Studies

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014
Case Studies

Telework Case Studies
Provides a comprehensive list of case studies on telework or telecommuting programs at employers. These case studies reside on other websites. We grouped the case studies by state.
(31 case studies – courtesy of Commuter Challenge)
VA/MD/DC(8 case studies from a 21-month Telework Demonstration Project -Courtesy of the Metropolitan Washington (DC) Council of Governments)
(8 case studies -courtesy of Oregon Office of Energy)
(9 case studies -courtesy of Valley Metro)
(2 case studies – courtesy of Midwest Institute for Telecommuting Education)
(3 case studies – courtesy of Denver Regional Council of Governments/Ride Arrangers)
(State of California case study – courtesy of California Dept. of Personnel Administration)
(State of Florida case study – courtesy of Florida Department of Management Services)
Massachusetts(Massachusetts Telecommuting Initiative – courtesy of Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources)

Case Studies

Telework and flexible work schedules bring a wide range of benefits to Washington employers and their employees. In fact, many employers find that the benefits