Space Fusion: Blending Sectors to Create New Experiences


As the lines between work, life, learn and play blur more and more today, we are seeing design
elements from previously siloed sectors cross over as well. Hospitality, healthcare, retail and
education sectors are influencing the corporate workplace and vice versa. As the lines
between sectors blur, interweaving signature elements into the workplace creates ‘space
fusion’. This blending of sectors is creating sophisticated, cultured approaches to experiential
environments that blur the lines around places and leverages the best of each sector to the
benefit of all.

Learning Objectives:

1. Assess what is impacting different space typologies today
2. Looking at what is emerging on the horizon and how that will impact each sector
3. Understand the concept of “fusion” and how it can lead to innovation
4. Examining opportunities for cross learning and applying best practice from various
sectors to others to create new solutions

Presented By: Rachel Rouse & Polly Dithmer