On the third Thursday of each month, Megan Campbell and Emily Dunn hosts a stimulating webinar on a leading workplace topics. Members receive an invitation in advance and a link to recordings following the webinar.

Upcoming WE:binars

October Future of Work, Where Do We Go From Here?

Date: Thursday, Oct 15, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT
Hosted by Megan Campbell and Emily Dunn

Join us for a discussion on taking the next steps in creating and implementing the future of work.  We will explore the various assessment points needed to support workplace strategy changes and how to successfully create an implantation plan to focus on people impacted by these changes.  We will draw on various case studies and open discussion on the spectrum of changes and responses to move forward with the Future of Work, adding our own experience as MovePlan, a company successfully operating with a distributed workforce for over 34 years. 

Talking points

  • The Future of Work is no longer an aspiration or further down the road. We all recognize our workplace requires change today, as we’ve spent the last few months in response mode on an immediate need to change how we work.
  • We will discuss ways to assess, strategize, plan and implement, which will enable change and impact the way your people, teams, and organization approach work going forward
  • Using real-life examples to illustrate success and challenges with implementing change, we will explore ways to increase success in achieving new ways of working and how to sustain for the long term
  • Lastly, the future is a moving target, we must be capable to adapt and modify how we work in order to manage all impacts to our workplace and work-life


Suki Reilly, Kim Giles & Lindsay Peters


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