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August: Managing the future workplace – New strategic skills and understandings to manage the emergent workplace

Date: Thursday, August 19, 2021
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT
Hosted by Cristina Herrera 

Join host Andrew Mawson, Founder of global management consultancy, Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) and co-author of the IFMA-adopted Workplace Management Framework (WMF) to learn more about the true impact of the Pandemic on ways of working, thinking and managing people and teams. 

Andrew will reveal how Covid-19 added a new lens to the traditional workplace ‘experience’ – changing the behaviours and habits of people around the globe, resulting in greater collaboration and integration between core disciplines, as well as the emerging role of ‘Chief Experience Officer’ (CXO). 

The WMF has been adopted by IFMA, as part of AWA’s Workplace Strategy and Leadership Program, to create awareness, enhance skills, support cross-disciplinary leadership required in the new Hybrid normal. 



Andrew Mawson                                                                                                                                                

Founder & Managing Director, Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA)

Andrew Mawson is Founder and Managing Director of Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA).

He’s a leading pioneer, thinker and speaker on matters ‘work and place’, experienced at bringing together the worlds of business strategy, organisational design, workplace strategyworkplace design and change management.

In his consulting work, Andrew has led workplace change management programmes with respected clients including Invesco, Unicef UK, the UK Cabinet Office, Willis Towers Watson, Direct Line Group, National Rail, Royal Bank of Scotland, Merrill Lynch, BUPA and Interserve.

He’s a major contributor to the Advanced Workplace Institute (AWI) and has directed research programmes on the Post Pandemic Workplace,  Knowledge Worker ProductivityManaging the Agile Workforce and Cognitive Performance.


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