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WE Videos is our portal for sharing information to our “tribe”. To insure access to up-to-date information in the changing workplace, WE offers leading video content for facility managers, workplace strategists, corporate real estate executives, and other workplace experts.

From Fixed to Fluid – Chris Kane, Luc Kamperman, Kate North
Prior to the pandemic, operating facilities and creating workplace experiences was all about driving efficiency with very less thought to effectiveness. Now, leaders are thinking very differently about the purpose of the office, and they are realizing they have choices beyond this building or that one. Many other workplace permutations are available, and that has enormous implications for how we operate facilities and support the business.

With CEO’s of major companies now actively reflecting on how much work can get done without offices, the virus has forced them to ask fundamental questions about how we work, what is the purpose of the office, why do we need to go to the office? This may be an opportunity for the people who really understand how to unleash people power and drive business success to demonstrate their strategic value!

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Power of Partnerships: An Inter-disciplinary Approach to Workplace Strategy – Ellie Moody, Michelle Reyman
The uncomfortable truth is that no matter how hard we try we cannot be all things to all people. Designing a successful workplace experience requires problem-solving beyond the scope of a single-discipline approach. The solution? Interdisciplinary partnership. Together, Fox Architects and Steele Strategies explore the business imperative for developing diverse and inclusive interdisciplinary teams to solve the most complex workplace challenges of our time. There is power in numbers and by bringing together the disciplines of HR, OD, IT, FM, and Design as equal partners in the shifting paradigm of workplace strategy, each can be greater then the sum of their parts. Drawing on a panel of experts in their respective fields, we will explore the challenges that are created in a single discipline approach to workplace experience and uncover the power of interdisciplinary partnerships to produce quality sustainable workplace outcomes.
• Review the findings from IFMA’s The Experts’ Assessment: The Workplace Post-COVID-19 Study to understand the factors that are transforming workplace experience and why they are important.
• Identify the requirements for crafting a comprehensive workplace strategy for today’s workplace and how it can enhance the experience.
• Discover the power of interdisciplinary partnerships in workplace strategy – the necessity, attributes, and benefits
• Learn practical tips for establishing a diverse and inclusive interdisciplinary team in your organization.

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Redefining Work(Place): How and Where Work Will Get Done – Arnold Levin, Janet Pogue, Simon Blenkiron
Join us as we share recent Gensler’s global workplace research findings and how they relate to the need to redefine the who, when, and why the physical work environment still matters. We will explore the implications of new planning approaches to best support an emerging hybrid workforce and the role of the physical office in a post-pandemic world.


WE Chicago Hub – Measure What Matters

Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Time: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm CDT

Description: Motivated by the desire to maximize human potential in the workplace; workplace analytics has become the critical evidence for organizations as a must have in creating and evolving their workplace.


Alex Denja – SVP CFO/COO, National Equity Fund, Inc.
Arnold Levin – Principal Workplace Strategist, SmithGroupJJR
Kay Wulf – Principal Workplace Studio Leader, SmithGroupJJR
Benjamin Cordani – Lead Human Resources Manager, Surface Mining & Technology Division, Caterpillar
Shona O’Dea – Senior Associate, Building Performance Analyst, DLR Group

  • Special recording with Joe Hagan – CEO, National Equity Fund, Inc.

Kate North, Global Chair, WE and Managing Director, Workplace Innovation, Colliers International

Workplace Strategy in Action

Description: Kate North, Global Chair of WE and Managing Director of Workplace Innovation at Colliers International, interviews Joe Hagan, CEO of National Equity Fund, Inc. on  workplace strategies and best practices.

2017 World Workplace: Houston – Opening Keynote Speaker, Jeremy Refkin

Date: Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Time: 10:00 am – 11:30 am CDT

Jeremy Rifkin is the author of the Eclipse of Capitalism and The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World. Mr. Rifkin is an advisor to the European Union, the People’s Republic of China and to heads of state around the world.