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On July 14 – 15, 2016 on the Nike Campus in Portland, the WE and CREC communities collaborated to design a unique, experiential conference that would engage participants around the challenge of Designing for the Experience.  The proceedings for the conference are available and why not check out the videos of the panel sessions on our YouTube channel.

Conference Videos

Technology Disruption

Organizational Dynamics

The Future of Work Space and Acquisition

The End Customer Experience

Designing for the Experience: Conference Proceedings, July 2016



Workplace Strategy Summit 2014

Speaker Session
Alexi Matmot View Recording– Workplace Health and Wellbeing 
Frank Becker View Recording– Innovation on the Edge
Frank Van Massenhove View RecordingFinding the People we Need
Lucas Windlinger View RecordingWorkplace and Outcomes
Win Pullen View Recording– Ageing of Human Beings 


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