Presenter: Polly Dithmer

Polly is a Practice Leader for HOK’s for Los Angeles studio. She has 30 years’ leading design teams for workplace, education, civic and cultural, and healthcare interiors projects, and a profound belief that passionate, collaborative design will empower her clients and inspire her teams. She brings an enterprising nature and a talent for using design to solve problems. Dithmer’s past clients include FM Global, Fidelity Investments, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Business School, IBM, Broward Center for the Performing Arts                                and the Skirball Cultural Center.
Raised in Brazil and Costa Rica, her international experience gives her a broad cultural perspective. Ms. Dithmer is an accomplished artist as well as a design leader, though born in the U.S., Dithmer grew up in São Paulo, Brazil, and San José, Costa Rica. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior and Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master of Art in Psychology from Lesley University. In her spare time, she enjoys creating large-scale oil paintings.