Preparing Yourself for the Future of Work


Moving into the future of work, people and place will take on new meaning.
A place to belong, an opportunity to connect, collaborate, create and converse. The emergence of the new marketplace has people, place and services at the very heart of it. Work will be done in small teams, during shorter stints, with greater accountability. Projects, collaborations, purposeful gatherings will demand more focus, greater participation and the need for presence. Being part of this new ‘workscape’ will bring with it, greater meaning, but it’s going to take a transition. Now is the time to identify our uniquely human skills, invest in new skills and build our personal brand.
A place to belong, but no place to hide. The future is now.

During this interactive session we will explore:

• Presence and impact
• Perception and brand
• Collaboration and connection

Presented By: Louis Watts