Move Over Stress – An Engaged Workplace is Set to Perform



Unemployment is at all-time low in the United States while employee disengagement, according to Gallup, is at an all-time high. According to a recent Manpower survey, over half of US Companies are having a difficult time attracting talent and the talent we attract take a mere 7 seconds to have a first impression about a company. Why should this matter to IFMA World Workplace attendees? The war for talent. As an employer, turnover impacts the bottom line and a company’s culture speaking through the physical environment can mean the difference in hiring top talent and not. In this session we will share how companies are seeking ways they can differentiate and stay competitive in order to attract and retain talent. This presentation will focus on the engagement and retention of employees and explore, through synthesized focus groups and survey results of corporations across the country, representing Fortune 100 and 500 business, the key elements to an Engaged Workplace that has elevated business outcomes for their organization, including talent attraction, engagement and retention.


Learning Objectives:

1. Identify the five key drivers to an Engaged Workplace.
2. Gain knowledge on the benefits of an engaged workplace.
3. Correlate authentic physical expression of an engaged workplace with a company’s culture.
4. Identify ways they can lead the conversation within your own organization for change.


Presented By: Heather Turner Loth