Module 4 Lecture 1: Resource Management

We will merge consideration of Supply Chain Management and Resource Management since they are inextricably connected. In supply chain, we will be considering suppliers for the value they bring, not just the cost of their services. We are also sensitive to the fact that most suppliers know their business better than those seeking the services. We will learn how to provide service providers and suppliers with the ability to make their own recommendations on scope and process and to seek the value of their experience. With respect to Resource Management, we promote the idea that demand for people, services or even space is not a stable, static exercise. Things change, often without notice, and we all need to learn how to develop mitigation strategies which optimize consumption levels in order to provide the efficient provision of services, space and technology. We will develop thinking on the successful management of resources: measuring it, fulfilling it, providing optimum levels of supply and riding through periods of extreme demand (high and low).

Learning objectives

  • How to measure the use of assets and services
  • Understanding how to optimize space, energy, labour, and effort
  • Develop resilient relationships with suppliers
  • Ensure that the provided assets and services are aligned with the business outcomes