Module 4 Lecture 2: Performance Management

This capability defines and measures all the components of the workplace management framework to assess how they are contributing to the desired outcomes. This implies a holistic and inter-related set of measurements which ultimately will track progress against the effectiveness and efficiency characteristics of the overall solution. Typically in these situations, the measurement will be aligned with the strategic  “Measures of Success”. Performance Management, however, is concerned with not only high level strategic measures of success but with incremental progress against more tactical pieces of work which, when grouped together, serve the common purpose. This course will provide insight around what can be measured, how it is measured and how the results are used to calibrate, then improve outcomes.

Learning objectives

  • How are practical and meaningful measurements for workplace experience defined and taken
  • Become aware of challenges associated with interpreting results
  • Describe the benefits of a cross disciplinary Performance Management  System
  • How to share the insight gained to allow for continuous improvement