Workplace Strategy & Leadership

Module 2

Ongoing benefits:

WE: Community - Passionate, inclusive global network.

WE: Brief - Curated summary of the latest Workplace research.

WE: Binars - Knowledge shared by global thought leaders relating to the most current WP topics.

WE: Learn - Workplace Strategy and Leadership Certificate Program.

WE: Events - Networking, presentations and discounts at global conferences

WE: Hub - Networking, presentations & activities at a local and regional level.

Live, remote Lectures

Lecture 1:

The Art and Science of Change Management

In order to survive in an increasingly challenging world, organisations need to constantly change to address new markets, respond to market pressures and adopt new practices, processes and cost structures. In webinar 1, we’ll discuss the world ahead, drivers for change, the challenges that change brings and define the discipline of Change Management.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the triggers for change
  • Understand why humans are challenged by change
  • Describe the various types of change
  • Define the discipline of Change Management

Lecture 2:

The Human and Change

While the drivers for change are often economic, technological, spatial or process orientated, the key ingredient is people. Change can be disconcerting and destabilizing at a personal and organizational level. We’ll explore the human dimensions of change, how the brain responds to change and set out a model for managing change.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the Neuroscience behind change
  • Discover the challenges of change on human behaviour
  • Map out a change journey
  • Discuss behavioral change models
  • Understand the role of Stakeholders, their power and influence

Lecture 3:

Designing a Change Program

While there is much theory written on managing change, putting the theory into practice means recognizing the realities of the change and the factors at play in the environment in which the change is going to take place. We’ll talk about the practicalities of designing a change program, getting people onboard and how to maintain the change over time. We’ll also explore what it takes to be a great change leader.

Learning Objectives:

  • Put theory into practice
  • Create an organization for change
  • Design a change program
  • Discuss methodologies for maintaining change
  • Recognize attributes of successful change leaders

Virtual Workshop

Virtual Workshop

In this workshop, we will use a case exercise based on a real situation to consolidate learnings. Participants will work in teams to define the change needed, build a Change Program and deliver the program to satisfy the Board of Directors.

Apply the lessons learned in Module 2:

  • Discuss the Art and Science of Change Management
  • Describe the human dimensions of change and how the brain responds.
  • Design the Change Program

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