Presenter: Louise Watts

Leading High Performance Coaching to international success as founder and director for over 15 years, Louise has redefined executive development and built an elite client base including multinational organizations such as Citi, BAML, SAP, Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas. Louise has brought together a network of industry experts in executive presence, employee engagement, personal brand and career transition, both within her own team and within the HPC alumni.
A progressive thinker highly attuned to the future of work on a global scale, Louise is now embarking on her latest role as the founder of Transition Hub, a dedicated personal development accelerator with a creative and engaging approach to redeployment and transition skills for individuals and organizations preparing for automation.
Transition Hub’s ethos of enabling personal change, through connection, collaboration and empowerment to support inspired transition, has encouraged Louise to liaise with high-powered players in the co-working sphere, with WeWork partnering as Transition Hub’s base worldwide in 2018.
A passionate and involved director and coach, Louise has facilitated the career and personal transformation of thousands of individuals across worldwide organizations alongside her inspirational team of professional performance coaches. Transition Hub will now extend the reach of HPC substantially, by bringing individuals, industry and opportunity together.
High Performance Coaching (HPC Global) was launched in 2003 to bring the talents of extraordinary performance coaches and business professionals together to leverage a global approach to personal and professional development. Since then, HPC have worked in every region of the world, making a difference to thousands of people in the world’s most recognised brands and organizations. 
Prior to founding HPC, Louise had a career in professional classical ballet.

Home is Sydney Australia. Work is global.