Presenter: Lisa Brinkman

Lisa is a seasoned leader and team builder with extensive experience in the financial services industry. With experience in both strategic and tactical planning, she has led the execution of the master plans for multiple market strategies as well as merger consolidations each involving millions of square feet, multiple buildings and impact to thousands of associates. Lisa brings an understanding that allows for the interpretation of business needs to the design delivery and creative problem solving skills to the project execution, Account Management and the ability to deliver projects consistently across regions, nationally and globally, are skills that have been successfully in implemented for all client engagements. She serves as the Interiors Directors of HOK’s newest Office in Summit, NJ.

“Mathematics Before Graphics: Changing data needs for the changing workplace“; FMJ, March/April 2015

“Mathematics Before Graphics: Changing data needs for the changing workplace“
IFMA Facility Fusion, Vancouver, British Columbia 2015
“Workplace Disruption = Need for Communication”; IFMA World Workplace, Denver, CO 2015
“Data Dashboards – Are the Pie Charts and Bar Graphs Enough?”; FM Fusion, Toronto, May 2016