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Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

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  • Group: Workplace Evolutionaries
  • Subject: WE:dnesday Update (#3) – great learning (& fun!) at #FF2013 – then back to earth this week, in a very sad & troubled world……

If you missed the previous updates, see below:
Update #1:
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Many of you were at #FF2013 (Facility Fusion) in L.A., as this clever widget shows: – the “WE” (Workplace Evolutionaries) had its official launch. Nobody at the event could have failed to notice as the WE-team, in berets, stole the limelight!

Do keep your eyes on the “WE” webpages for updates about future planned events:
There will be two webinars coming up soon:
– May 2nd: with Dr. Frank Duffy (co-founder of DEGW, past-President RIBA)
– May 23rd: WE Research

The WE leadership team, driven by the amazingly dynamic Kate North, is busy putting structure into WE and getting great events into the calendar. Please contact any of us here:

We should not detract from all the great learning opportunities, and fun – not to mention a lot of hard work – that went into the above. But, I’m sure that our thoughts today are once again with the victims of what so often seems a cruel and unjust world.

Many of you will be thinking immediately of those people affected by the bombing in Boston, MA. If you have been affected, our thoughts go out to you. Sadly, the list of other places and peoples affected by acts of human cruelty is also a long one.

It is easy to be despondent, and to feel as though we cannot make any real difference in this world. But, you do – you improve the quality of people’s working lives. That is what being a ‘workplace evolutionary’ should be about. Whether it is by designing environments that appeal to the senses, policies that allow more sustainable and human work-lives, or delivering services which make the work-day easier, we are making a difference. And remember, those people for whom you create a better working life may be doing something truly outstanding to make the wider world a better place! Perhaps, moving from “facilities” to “facilitation” of environments for people to do their best work….then you have done yours!