Leslie Schneider

In my marketing role for FacilityQuest—a software company that offers data collection and analysis for workplace assessments—I connect with workplace strategists, CRE professionals, and facilities directors. Objective workplace utilization data and subjective employee (photo) surveys result in a powerful reality check for how work environments are used and experienced, and informs change management for many business goals. We help you get there.

I’m also a business owner of a coworking space, and I see first-hand how workforce trends play out in a shared workplace environment. My coworking company OfficeXpats won the 2014 Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year award, and was a 2017 semi-finalist for the Kitsap Bank small business competition called the #Edg3Fund.

I am honored to serve the City of Bainbridge Island as a City Councilmember