Become an Official Member of WE!IFMA14-4201

Due to the tremendous response to WE over the past few years, IFMA has officially made WE a Community within IFMA…and of course WE are delighted!


Join WE!

Here’s how to join WE for different IFMA member situations:

If you are currently an IFMA member:

  • Join WE for an additional $99 USD a year, effective July 1. You can add WE through your MyIFMA account or by calling the Member Services at 1-713-623-4362! The fee will be prorated based on your IFMA join date.

If you are not yet a member of IFMA:

  • Join IFMA for $219 USD online or call Member Services at 1-713-623-4362
  • Join WE by specifying “WE” in the Community section of the application. The cost is just $55 USD per year.

If you have any questions about IFMA membership or the signup process, contact the WE IFMA Liaison at

Should you have any questions on WE benefits or would like to get more involved, please contact Kate North at or Glenn Dirks at


Check out the WE Membership Benefits:


  • As a “members only” benefit, WE provides you with curated “best of” workplace research, case studies, articles and presentations, designed so you quickly find what you need. Check out the WE:Know page for more details.
  • WE will continue to identify the key workplace topics in need of further exploration, and will seek out leading experts globally to develop and deliver white papers and presentations.


Every month WE will deliver stimulating webinars on the most current topics pertaining to workplace, conducted by leading experts. Topics to date have included: Neuroscience and Space, Well-Being & the Workplace, Co-working and the Shared Economy, The Relationship Between Office Design and How People Work, WELL-certified Workplaces, Brand & Behavior and Creating truly sustainable workplace. To enjoy past WE:binars and see what’s scheduled in the future, click here.


WE members will have access to other WE members globally, helping you connect and build a strong network.

Prior to key IFMA events, WE will host half-day sessions dedicated to our Community. These session are limited to 80-100, and will be highly interactive, focused on our members, and will deliver new WE knowledge and insights.

Workplace Educational Tracks at various IFMA global eventsIFMA14-4217

  • Facility Fusion
  • World Workplace
  • Chapter Educational Programs


Every month WE provides it’s members with the latest information on workplace evolution through the WE:Brief newsletter. Members have exclusive access to this WE correspondence, keeping our community in the know. Check out the WE:Brief page for more details.


Click to view full WE:Brief example


Friends of WE

As an inclusive community, WE continues to reach out to many wonderful organizations also focused on the workplace and related topics. As a member you will benefit by these relationships in the following ways: information about upcoming events, discounted rates to attend various, research collaboration, a more robust and integrated global network. Click Friends of WE to see a list of our partners.

WE LinkedIn and WE Twitter groups provide informal ways to learn and connect with some of the industry’s best minds and those not members of WE.


What members are saying about WE:

“I joined WE because I personally consider WE an international group full of energy, commitment and enthusiasm to create change … increase culture and quality of life through FM and workplace innovation.”   – Juan Jose Servin Diaz De Leon, Director of Facilities, Facility Management Consultores, Mexico

“Why my WE membership is valuable; It creates opportunities to really get to know people by networking, committee work, social events, meetings, conferences…” – Cynthia Milota, Director Workplace Strategy, Ware Malcomb