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Every month WE delivers stimulating webinars on the most current topics pertaining to workplace, conducted by leading experts. Topics have included: Neuroscience and Space, Well-Being & the Workplace, The ROI of Workplace Change, Co-working and the Shared Economy, Creating a Truly Sustainable Workplace, and many more. To enjoy past WE:binars and see what’s scheduled in the future, click here.


The WE:Brief is a member favorite. WE curators review the latest workplace research and published content then share the key findings in an executive summary format to keep you in the know. Check out the WE:Brief page for more details.

Depending on your interests and areas of focus, now there are three easy ways to JOIN WE!


Three Ways to Join WE!


1)  IFMA + WE (International Facility Management Association + Workplace Evolutionaries) For Current IFMA Members

  • With your IFMA Membership, you can join WE for only US $99/year. The fee will be prorated based on your IFMA join date. You can add WE through your MyIFMA account or by calling the Member Services at 1-713-623-4362!

Add WE as a Community of Practice to receive all the IFMA member benefits along with all the WE:Benefits. Join IFMA for $219/year and add WE as a Community of Practice for an additional $99/year. Total annual membership for both is $318/year! This IFMA + WE membership targets leaders of the built environment who have a high level of interest in facility and real estate management along with workplace strategy to impact the triple bottom line. 

2) WE (only) Membership 

  •  You can now join the Workplace Evolutionaries (WE) Community of Practice directly: Join WE Only where you register and create an account.

You can join WE and receive all the WE membership benefits but still get access to IFMA content. This membership targets multi-disciplinary leaders (HR, IT,  Workplace) who are deeply interested in workplace management and the impact on human performance in the workplace. Total annual WE (only) Membership is US $318/year.

3) RICS & IFMA DUAL + WE Membership (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors & IFMA + WE) :

  • With your RICS & IFMA Dual Membership, you can add WE for only US $99/year. You can add WE through your MyIFMA account or by calling the Member Services at 1-713-623-4362!

If you are a RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) member in their Facility Management or Real Estate track, you can opt for a dual RICS & IFMA membership for no additional charge. Once you have opted in for the dual membership and are on the IFMA Roster, you can ADD a WE membership for only $99/year.


If you have any questions about WE membership or the signup process, contact the WE Administrator at or the WE Membership Chair: Glenn Dirks at