Presenter: Gregory Blondeau

Gregory co-founded Proxyclick in 2008 and has since being working relentlessly to develop the business. Proxyclick is the leading global Enterprise visitor management solution with customers in 100+ countries and offices in Europe, US and Asia. Gregory strongly believes that a people, design and technology are the successful ingredients of a modern workplace.

An entrepreneur since his school years (when he sold boxer shorts and music compilations to his peers…) Gregory holds a business engineering degree from KU Leuven (Belgium). A semester in Barcelona as an Erasmus student gave him a taste for life abroad and in 1995 he left his native Brussels for Munich first, then London and Paris, where he worked for the Private Telecommunications Division of Siemens AG. His travels nurtured his interest for European politics, culture, languages and way of living.

Gregory has been attending IFMA events since 2012, he is a proud participant of the first WE sessions. He also publishes an annual “Top Workplace Trends” blog article where 10 workplace experts share 10 trends for the year to come.