Gathering Experiences


We are living in a time with an abundance of tech innovation and tools that enable new ways to
connect. But many of us are still working in conference rooms where we can’t connect and
meetings are viewed as a waste of time. Join us as we share how space and technology can
be combined to enable “divergent creativity” and support bursts of intense creative activity both
on-site and remotely. And we’ll explore how we enable “democratization” of meetings, and shift
from the “sage on the stage” with the PowerPoint clicker in hand to active co-creators. We
need to embrace new ways of work and new tech tools to enhance and support meaning
human interaction.

Learning Objectives:

1. Explore the type of gathering spaces clients are looking to provide today to create
compelling, high-functioning space.
2. Discuss the role of technology and the tools that enable new ways to connect,
collaborate and ideate.
3. Understand how we are moving from a sole focus on productivity to “divergent
creativity” and innovation.
4. Provide best-in-class examples of how space and technology can be combined to
enable successful gathering.

Presented By:

Kay Sargent

Julian Phillps

Lisa Brinkman