Friends of WE

Our Friends are Your Friends!

Part of WE’s mission is to align and leverage workplace knowledge globally, and as such we are delighted to partner with other workplace organizations. Through partnerships with the following groups, WE’ve negotiated perks you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy and feel free to recommend other groups to join the Friends of WE!

Work Design Digital Magazine explores places that inspire human achievement by publishing thought provoking articles, profiles of the latest products, and innovative projects, plus hosting in-person experiences and intimate panel discussions / speaker presentations (called TALKS). Our meaningful content helps executives to be knowledgeable on highly relevant, global workplace issues while also being invaluable resources to their clients. As a WE member, you will automatically get a subscription to the highly relevant weekly enewsletter plus you’re invited to join us in person for any upcoming Work Design Magazine (WDM) events here ; simply use the promotional code: FOWEVIP at the time of registration for a special discounted ticket.

WorkLife Arena® starts up a global movement with leaders and change-makers towards a more sustainable work-life. This change concerns everything from organizational structures, tools and culture to how we in the society look at work, value creation and sustainability. WorkLife Arena® 2020 is the launch event. It is a highly interactive multitrack conference taking place in Stockholm, Sweden, on the 24th of April 2020 with +500 participants, featuring inspirational talks and debates, cross organizational discussions, co-creative and educational workshops, numerous interactive networking activities and obviously – a big party. We invite leaders and change-makers from all over the world to co-create the future together with Nordic workplace thought leaders and organizations in forefront . We will inspire, explore and exchange experience, gather and develop transformative insights and knowledge and expand our network in a fun and highly collaborative manner.

Join the (WLA) tribe! WE-members receive 30% discount of the ticket price of WorkLife Arena® 2020 and other WorkLife Arena® conferences by using the code “WE-member” together with the membership number. For more info:

DisruptHR is an information exchange designed to energize, inform and empower people in the HR field.  With events held in multiple cities around the world, DisruptHR is a event series that shakes things up, changes how people think, and leaves audience inspired. Whether an HR professional, a CEO, a technologist, a community leader – and you’ve got something to say about talent, culture or technology – Disrupt is the place. As a WE member, check out the From Conversation to Commitment video series here for immediate inspiration!”

 WORKTECH is the fastest growing forum for all those involved in the future of work and the workplace as well as real estate, technology and innovation, bringing innovative ideas and inspiration to the workplace community through inter-disciplinary speakers and learning experience to enhance creativity and move thinking forward. Their global conference series is held in over 25 major cities around the world and offers the opportunity to join senior professionals from real estate, facilities, HR, technology, executive management, architecture, design and professional advisers to further knowledge and share best practice and expertise. BONUS! As a WE member, you will receive an exclusive 20% discount on tickets to WORKTECH events in the USA.

Find more information on WORKTECH Los Angeles – May 4th here and WORKTECH New York – May 8th here. Use code WE20 at registration to claim your exclusive 20% discount.

Future Workplace is an HR exclusive network and research firm focused on the future of learning and working. The firm operates the Future Workplace Network, a consortium of Fortune 1000 member organizations who use Future Workplace research and insights to future proof their learning and talent strategies. The firm hosts regular webinars and an intimate, interactive two-day program for 100+ Senior HR leaders on the Future of Learning and Working. As a WE member, stay tuned for a special discount.

Work Rebooted is a curated knowledge-sharing network focused on workforce digital transformation with a primary aim of positive social change and business outcomes. Our annual summit and supported synergistic ventures push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and inspire business leaders to take meaningful action. Work Rebooted brings you the mentor, coach, disrupter, futurist and new ideation that can help you get out of the bubble, off the wheel, and on a path to accelerated business success. Combine this with the aggregate wisdom of your peers, who can relate to your immediate challenges, and a powerful learning experience emerges with results that are transformational.

As a WE member, you are invited to join us January 29th & 30th in San Francisco here.

Friends of WE is lead and run by Bob Fox and Michelle Weiss of Work Design Magazine. Founder and CEO of FOX Architects, Bob Fox is the Publisher and Co-Founder of Work Design Magazine. Michelle Weiss, coordinator and logistical planner of Friends of WE, is responsible for the daily operations of Work Design Magazine.