Flexible Collaboration: Silicon Valley’s Influence on the Workplace

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

“employee interaction immediately increased”

“From coffee bars to recreation areas, today’s Silicon Valley workplace is flexible. It’s also employee-focused and encourages spontaneous interactions as a means for generating greater innovation and productivity.”

“For SAP Labs, “accidental collaboration” was a priority. They wanted a place where people could bump into one another in common areas, overhear one another, and leverage spontaneity.”

“Yet today’s dense workplace environments of 150 square feet or fewer per employee are designed around mobile technology efficiencies that allow smaller, more flexible, team-oriented spaces in any combination of private, semi-private and public spaces.”


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Much has changed in workplace and in workplace design over the last 40 years. The old workplace was a reflection of order and efficiency filled with impersonal cubicles and corner offices that reinforced hierarchies and discouraged socialization.


Silicon Valley Trends by ReelGrobman

But today’s workplace is personal, flexible, and collaborative