Workplace Evolutionaires (WE) Workshop 3.0

Workplace Evolutionaires (WE) Workshop 3.0

Date(s) - 04/20/2015

Rosen Shingle Creek
9939 Universal Blvd.
Orlando , FL 32819
United States


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Check out some of the great case studies presented during the WE 3.0 Class and photos of WE in action!


Monday, April 20th

8:00     Registration and breakfast

9:00     Welcome to WE

WE Global Chair, Kate North, VP Global Development,

9:15     WE Case Studies – Explore three dynamic and diverse workplace strategies and challenges. Moderator- Kay Sargent, Director of Workplace Strategies, Lend Lease

Featuring the following Case Studies and Presenters:

  1. Department of Commerce- Dept of Commerce Charrette Case Study

Charles Hardy, Chief Workplace Officer, US GSA

Arnold Levin, Managing Director, Smith Group JJR

  1. Educational Testing Services- ETS Case Study

Jeri Bogan Zielinski, Sr. Dir., Workplace Management, Educational Testing Service

Thomas Hatrak – Manager Space Planning and Design, Educational Testing Service

  1. CBRE- CBRE Case Study

Chris Hood, Managing Director, Platform Lead, Workplace Strategy and Occupancy Management, CBRE and WE Senior Advisor and WE-binar Co-Lead

11:15   What Workplace Challenges do YOU have? Join us as WE Genius’s address your top Workplace Challenges. Moderator: Sharifa Nelson, Manager, Workplace Transformation, Verizon, and the team of WE Geniuses.

12:15 – Hot off the press! Author and Work Expert, Dr. Andrew Jones will be sharing his insights based upon this latest book, The Fifth Age of Work: How Companies Can Redesign Work to Become More Innovative in a Cloud Economy (suggested read)

2:00    Fast Forward: Workplace 2040 with Dr. Marie Puybaraud, Director of Global WorkPlace Innovation, Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions as she shares a future state of work based on her global research project. Explore plausable scenarios, implications and how our industry will transform.

3:30     The Workplace Conversation: Join a global movement as Lisanne Schloss, former Vice President of Places, Herman Miller, leads us through an “experience” guaranteed to shapeshift your thinking and change the workplace conversation.

5:00    Wrap up and What’s Next – WE Global Chair, Kate North, VP Global Development,

5:30     Social Hour sponsored by Optimaze and Smith Group



WE know that our members are thirsty for practical insights into workplace strategy from the actual practitioners who are driving the programs. That is why, this year, we are dedicating time to “dive deep” into three inspiring stories from around the globe in a wide range of industries. The workplace strategist will share, the story behind their initiative, including

  • The key business drivers
  • The development and implementation process with specifics about how they:
    • Developed their business case
    • Set the vision
    • Designed the environment
    • Managed the change
    • Trained their people
    • Evolved and sustained the change
    • Measured hard and soft results
  • Insights into what worked and what did not
  • What they have done different
  • What single piece of advice they would give WE Members that are just starting their workplace journey

Learning Objectives:

The Case Study Session will help attendees:

  1. Understand how the workplace can align to support organizational business drivers
  2. Establish a deep understanding on the various ways to develop a workplace strategy
  3. Learn how other organizations are capturing metrics to measure the success of their workplace
  4. Discover key learning and insights from the project teams leading the workplace strategies


WE Genius Bar – A Chance to Address YOUR Specific Workplace Challenges

WE know that at some point in your workplace initiative, you will bump into challenges that, unless addressed, will delay and/or derail progress.

With the help of some of the WE Geniuses and our community we will give you a chance to take a “dive deep” on your own specific workplace challenges.

Whether you are just starting out or you have a mature program in place, this session promises hands-on, practical solutions to your organization’s problems.

Table Topics of Challenges Include

  1. Business Case and Metrics
  2. Strategy Development & Program Development
  3. Change Management & Training
  4. Design / Activity Based Work Settings  / Furniture
  5. Technology Solutions & Data Collection
  6. Flexible Work & Telework
  7. Workplace Well-Being

Learning Objectives

WE Genius Bar – Challenges 

The WE Genius Bar will help attendees:

  1. Solve their most burning workplace problems
  2. Overcome barriers that are common to deploying a workplace strategy
  3. Establish connections with peers and industry experts
  4. Discover best practice solutions


Fast Forward: Workplace 2040

Smarting your Day at Work in 2040 with Dr. Marie Puybaraud

We are evolving in a “new” world where mastering collaboration and collectivism could create critical business advantages. The turmoil of changes happening within our working environment is having a major impact on workplaces and the future holds even more disruptive changes.

Let’s step in the future and imagine a day in the life of Nina “working” in 2040:  while evolving in an ubiquitously networked world, true offline time will be a luxury and a necessity. We will get more done in a morning than you previously could in a full day, staying productive on the move, reaching out for commuting workspaces and winding down, having authentic quality time with family at home. The future of work will be focus on well-being in a search for authenticity.

Dr. Marie Puybaraud will synthesise the results of a study on the future of work, challenged and validated by 28 international experts in Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific, leading to a think tank on the implications of this scenario for end users, workplace managers and the industry of facilities management.

The think tank and collective thinking will address the following issues:

– what are the implications of the scenario for workplace managers? How should their role and responsibilities evolve?

Issues addressed: workplace management, innovation, talent, experience, training

– how should FM respond to the scenario? What are the major transformations we expect for this industry?

Issues addressed: facilities management, service delivery, productization of FM, digitization of services, service innovation

– how will the experience of users be enhanced? What major transformation could we expect for end users?

Issues addressed: user experience, innovation, service delivery, training, education, cooperation


Expand your Workplace Consciousness and join the “Workplace Conversation”

If you are passionate about shifting ‘the way work gets done’, you won’t want to miss this novel and highly experiential adventure!

So what is the “The Workplace Conversation?” Last year the British Institute of Facility Management and CIPD (a UK Association for HR Professionals) formed a partnership to try to break down the all-too-common silos that prevent CRE/FM, HR and other organizational units from collaborating on workplace solutions. This has since become a global movement aimed at building bridges to better enable work in the 21st Century.

Using the Street Wisdom methodology participants will experience how the “Workplace Conversation” can:

  • “Educate” stakeholders about the megatrends impacting the how, when and where people work
  • Bring people together” with open access and an equal footing
  • Generate” positive ideas and creative insights for organizations, employees and society at large
  • “Co-create” opportunities for collaboration among a wide range of constituents
  • “Act Upon” the ideas and opportunities that evolve from the “Workplace Conversation.”

Bring your walking shoes and an open mind. You will be talking about this innovative and inspiring event for years to come.

Learning Objectives

The Workplace Conversation

The Workplace Conversation is a highly experiential and empowering process to help create a more integrated discussion and help attendees:

  1. Broaden their understanding on how the Workplace Conversation movement is making a significant difference globally and how to be a part of it.
  2. Create an authentic, open and integrated discussion about Workplace with HR, CRE, Risk, Finance, Sustainability, etc to develop a holistic solution.
  3. Learn how to facilitate a Workplace Conversation using the Street Wisdom methodology.
  4. Build relationships with industry peers
  5. Expand awareness about themselves and the broader workplace perspectives