WE HUB NYC: Tackling the Demo/ Construction Waste Conundrum Roundtable- Pt 1: Contractors

WE HUB NYC: Tackling the Demo/ Construction Waste Conundrum Roundtable- Pt 1: Contractors

WE NYC HUB invites you catch the recording of the February 4th discussion as Huntsman Architectural Group and JRM Construction Management collaborate with leading subcontractors to tackle the construction waste conundrum!



The construction and demolition waste industry contributes to what is seen as one of the largest solid waste streams in the United States. What if there was a way to improve the way in which waste is handled within the construction industry? The ‘Construction Waste Management Round Table’ is aiming to bridge the gap between design and construction towards reducing the overall amount of C&D waste generated and how to help close the waste loop.

The conversation among the panelists will dive into practices of how we can improve design measures for reducing the amount of waste generated on construction sites; building methods subcontractors are using to reduce overall waste; what reclaim and waste management companies are doing with the waste generated; and how we can make these strategies advantageous for clients to pursue. The goal of the discussion will be to learn from industry experts and to spur lessons learned into actionable change that is beneficial for both clients and the environment.

Construction Rountable


Roundtable Participants Include:

Will Cooper | Cooper Recycling

Jennifer Urrutia LEED AP and Fitwel Ambassador | JRM Construction Management

Michael A. Ostroff | President, Patella Woodworking, CEO, RPG Acoustical Systems LLC, Partner, EdgeKraft LLC

Brita​ Everett AIA LEED AP | Huntsman Architectural Group

Sean Ragiel | CarpetCycle

Brian McMenamy | Jacobson & Company


Moderated by:

Elvira Gershengorn LEED AP | Huntsman Architectural Group