WE Hub New York City Presents: Workplace Privacy in the Open Office

WE Hub New York City Presents: Workplace Privacy in the Open Office

Date(s) - 06/27/2019
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Allsteel Showroom
79 Madison Avenue, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10016
United States

A reoccurring point of resistance during any workplace transition to an open or collaborative environment is the perceived lack of privacy or confidentiality.

Join us for an evening of exploration and shared insight as we highlight the typical workplace change resistance points, with an emphasis on the importance of privacy. 

Throughout this exclusive session, delegates will be led through a typical workplace change management journey and be provided with specific tools and techniques that help overcome privacy concerns.

We would like to thank our host Allsteel for co-sponsoring this event.

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About the Speakers

Lindsay Peters, PMP, Project Director, MovePlan Group

Lindsay Peters, PMP, has successfully delivered a wide variety of workplace change and move management projects across North America in the past 13 years.  She has consulted on projects within a variety of industries, with an emphasis on educational, financial, non-profit, and pharmaceutical. This diversity allows for an understanding of how businesses function in the day to day, as well as the similarities and potential challenges that are centered around workplace change. 

Lindsay has been an active member of industry organizations over the past 10 years including CoreNet, IFMA, and PMI.  She has also been a guest speaker at college and university classrooms and delivered many leadership and project sponsor presentations on workplace strategy.

Lisa Dettore, CCP, Senior Project Manager, MovePlan Group

Drawing on over 16 years of experience in organizational transitions, Lisa Dettore brings passion to create a greater understanding of change in today’s workplace.  She has had the privilege to effectively lead change programs in multiple business sectors and globally. This wide variety of exposure has been instrumental to develop creative engagement solutions to address common workplace transition concerns. 

Lisa is an active member of industry organizations including CoreNet and IFMA.  She has served on the University Relations Board for CoreNet Philadelphia and enjoys mentoring students entering Commercial Real Estate.