WE Hub New York City Presents: Designing for Focus

WE Hub New York City Presents: Designing for Focus

Date(s) - 05/21/2019
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Meadows Office Interiors
885 3rd Ave #29th
New York, NY 10022
United States

Join us for a presentation that will explore how to design for both collaboration and focus work, using a holistic approach with five key design elements.

Learning objectives

  • Explore the “anatomy” of focus work with interesting facts regarding to attention, distraction, “flow” and situational awareness
  • Learn about the myth of multitasking and why focus work is important, even for collaboration
  • Understand how workplace designers should take a holistic approach with five key design elements to address both focus work and collaboration, creating high performance workplaces where people can thrive

Content outline

  1. Introduction
  2. The anatomy of focus work
  3. Holistic approach to designing for focus work and collaboration
  4. Summary
  5. Q&A

Presented By: Dr. Gabor Nagy

Dr. Gabor Nagy leads research and client advisory engagements targeting innovation, collaboration and organizational culture to develop high performing workplaces. He conducted research on how organizations can leverage coworking as an innovation driver and is currently doing global research on how to build successful startup incubators and accelerators. Gabor’s past achievements include using Organizational Network Analysis to quantify collaboration patterns, developing Haworth’s LENS™ client consulting toolkit, as well as a Collaborative Innovation Network (CoIN) system. Gabor has two patents granted in multiple countries, is a frequent speaker at international conferences and the author of several publications and a research book.

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