WE HUB India: The right Tech Tools for Hybrid Work

Date(s) - 10/05/2021
4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

More details coming soon.

Martin Ruppe‘s background in interior design, architecture, and business informatics led him to the field of facility management and workplace strategy. Since then, he works as a specialist on implementing integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) solutions, as well as CAD and space management tools, business intelligence, system integrations, and data quality. Ruppe serves for the IFMA Workplace Evolutionaries as European WE hub leader, is an active member of the Austrian IFMA Chapter, and leads the Austrian Forum for Arbeitswelten.

This session is part of the Mini Masterclass Series: Establishing Hybrid Models of Work:

WE Hub India presents a series of four 10-min talks, followed by Q&A. Companies globally and in India, are slowly but surely moving towards hybrid models of work, whereby employees will have the choice to decide when, where from and how they work. This is changing the way organisations operate, on many levels. Crucial areas include Company Culture, Employee Experience, the role of the office and the choice of the right technology. This series of short talks by 4 global experts, look at these four topics, with an opportunity to interact live.

Establishing Hybrid Models of Work | A Mini Masterclass Series