Stressed!! IFMA WE NYC (Virtual) Event


4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

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Join us and learn the latest about Wellness at work!

Balancing work and personal lives can create tension for employees, and potentially compromise your company’s bottom line.  Common life stressors that may impact employee performance include:

  • Mental health
  • Financial challenges
  • Interpersonal workplace conflicts
  • Family Issues
  • Illness (either for the employee or a family member)

So, how can corporations help their employees combat these situations?  Workplace Evolutionaries NYC has put together a panel of subject matter experts who will teach you how to be more competitive by creating a Wellness Program that will help your employees manage common life situations in today’s economic and political climate. The information will help you as business leaders prioritize and navigate the available resources to make Wellness part of your company’s Employee Value Proposition.  After all, Employee Satisfaction and your Organization’s health are intertwined.


Elvira Gershengorn – Huntsman Architectural Group – Senior Associate

Jessica Bogdan – Haworth – Business Development Manager  



Rahul Kay- Sukhi Project- CEO & Co-Founder

Jen Reid – Base Planning – Financial Strategist & Planner

Ronnie Mae – Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard – Leading expert in Talent Management, Work Life and Wellbeing



WE Members: $10 + Fee

Non-WE Members: $25 + Fee