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11:45 AM - 1:15 PM

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At the Mosh Pit, a very wide range of people influencing workplace meet weekly to exchange their thoughts. – Read more

mosh pit – The pandemic of 2020 created a storm for all people and places. The Mosh Pit, the intersection of people and place, will not let this opportunity go to waste. All people who feel charged with the responsibility to make Workplace the best work-how are invited. Where you are located on this flat, frictionless world is not a determinant. We are looking for profound thinkers from every discipline. Please share your Vision Values and Vow.

The Mosh Pit is a very wide range of people influencing workplace; Social Anthropologists, GIG/Sustainability, UX, Technologists, CRE/FM Leaders, etc. and all agree the Pit is a safe place to stretch new ideas.

We meet every Friday virtually. Visit our LinkedIn group for the weekly topic & registration


MOSH PIT – LinkedIn group