Designing for People: Designing with (!), Not for, the Workplace


“People, design and technology – all three go hand-in- hand; we can only design solutions for people when we have a deep, detailed knowledge of their needs. So how can built environment professionals work with industry to create innovative, bespoke solutions that tick all the boxes?

I will be talking to the group about how to identify your specific organisational needs, and how to strike the balance between tasks that should remain with people; the lifeblood of your organisation, and where automated technologies can streamline the process.

“You can’t beat, what you copy” – rather than making whole suites of solutions that tie a company in to a less than perfect fit, industry is now collaborating to bring best-of-breed technologies together.

The question “How would this work like if it were easy?” is what we all should be asking. It allows us as industry to dig deeper and create an interface, working with which you do not think “How does it work?”, but instead, you use it intuitively.”

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how designing for people, not users, is delivering a step change in innovative workplace technology
2. Identify your specific organisational needs for integrated visitor experience technology
3. Learn how to strike the balance between tasks that should remain with people; and those that can now be automated
4. Learn how to be assertive and clear with suppliers to achieve the optimal solution for you

Presented By: Gregory Blondeau