Evolutionaries are people who help make change happen—people who lead systems, companies, industries, communities and nations through transformative change.

You often find Evolutionaries hidden inside organizations, they’re opinion leaders who make things happen even though their role may be on the periphery. But there are times when they need to be empowered and more central. Because of a sea change in the workplace, WE believe that time is now.


Who are WE?


WE are (often opinionated) thinkers on LinkedIn, WE’re rable-rousers on Twitter. WE’re passionate about the changes going on in the workplace, and we want to influence the direction those changes take. But WE’re more than that.

Workplace Evolutionaries is a community. We’re workplace strategists, change managers, facilities mangers, architects, designers, office furniture experts, IT managers, HR experts, and academics who deeply care about where the world is going—especially where work (the verb, not the noun) is going.

IFMA is our home, that’s where we spawned. Why? After IFMA launched the book “Work on the Move,” in 2011, interest and momentum regarding workplace issues started to accelerate. This momentum lead IFMA to host the Workplace Strategy Summit at Cornell University in the fall of 2012. There, global workplace thought leaders and 170+ attendees came together to discuss and review what we really know about workplace effectiveness, and to discuss what evidence that is needed to back it up. WE knew from this gathering and conversation that the timing for a significant Workplace Community was upon us.

To date, WE has hosted over a dozen Webinars on hot topics, created provocative events at Facility Fusion and World Workplace, and has embarked upon four research projects. Thanks to the great launch support from CREC and CFC, WE is now an official Community and WE are global from the “get-go.” Our goal is to have a WE Ambassador in every part of the globe, connecting us to other IFMA and WE members, and providing us with global intelligence on the world of work. WE have an exciting future, and WE hope you will join us.

Visit our Leadership page and ask any one of us why we’re a members, and you’ll understand why WE’re excited. Then join IFMA and WE. You’ll be glad you did.