WE Hands Raised Photo

Our mission is to:

  • Stimulate workplace innovation
  • Empower people to create, lead, and implement workplace transformation
  • Influence the evolution of the workplace through research and reaching outside our industry

Our goal is to:

  1. Build an inclusive and diverse global community of WEvolutionary leaders and members
    Regardless of your current knowledge level and experience, our network and knowledge sharing events will help you understand what’s happening as the workplace evolves, and will give you insights into what’s next.To do that our Workplace Innovation group will focus on testing innovative ideas, products, and solutions; and our Global Ambassadors will give us a global reach and perspective.
  2. Create highly-interactive learning and networking events
    WE are dedicated to expanding our collective workplace consciousness. To do that, WE will provide research, news, case studies, WEbinars, social media connections, and other content to stimulate conversation, and keep the network buzzing. We’ll do that through:

    • Monthly WE:binars on current topics with key thought leaders
    • Face-to-face WE sessions such as those held at Facility Fusion and World Workplace
    • Our new WE:Engage knowledgebase will be filled with relevant and current white papers, case studies, videos and articles
    • Our LinkedIn, a great way to connect with other members and thought leaders on key topics
    • Twitter, to keep the conversation and news steaming.
  3. Sharing Knowledge and Research
    WE has strong commitment to sharing information, creating new knowledge and aligning with the IFMA Foundation on critical workplace research. In addition, WE has formed Friends of WE to support and leverage other great workplace organizations like Work Design Magazine, WorkTech and New Ways of Working. What’s more, WE is actively building relationships with academic institutions in support of workplace research, curriculum and scholarships.