Stephen Monaco

Stephen MonacoSteve Monaco has successfully lead teams from multiple sides of the virtual real estate table; Landlord, Licensed Architect, General Contractor and Owner. His signature approach to Facility Management mixes a flare for marketing with a sprinkle of mischief and three measures of hard work. The result is always centered around the end-user experience.

In 2010, Mr. Monaco joined Motorola to lead the 3.5 MSF Americas real estate operations and is now (for the 3rd time) spearheading a M&A transition, this time to Lenovo. Needless to say, Steve has become an expert in Change Management and has gained a reputation for leading teams from “strategy to reality” due to his breadth of experience in the design & construction arena.

In prior lives, Steve was a property manager and due diligence Jedi with Hines in Chicago; survived the dot-bomb era as portfolio manager with Divine Interventures; enjoyed running an award-winning Design/Build firm as architect & PM; and cut his teeth in international business
as a radio-frequency engineer with Lindgren RF Enclosures. Mr. Monaco earned an MBA and Master of Architecture from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.