Kevin Schlueter

Kevin Schlueter picture for WEKevin Schlueter is a Founder and President of WPA North America, the global leader in visual workforce and workplace analytics.

Kevin has 25 years of experience in innovation in real estate and workplace strategy.  He is passionate about human performance and the evolution of knowledge work.  His experience in strategy, finance and innovation has given Kevin a full understanding of the value of superior human performance and how workplace strategy must be holistic, collaborative and focused on people:

“The science and art of today’s world is to understand how to help people work together to optimize human and organizational performance.  This is no small task and will take leadership and the work of many, because we are talking about understanding ourselves with balance and compassion.”

Kevin is highly curious and aspires to learn and be part the design thinkers that are creating, testing and evolving the future of work to make our communities better.  That is fun!

Kevin has presented on many topics. He was the youngest Chairman of the CFMA after a decade of national service and leadership.  Kevin is a University of Northern Iowa alum.

Kevin’s top five strengths identified in his most recent StrengthsFinder assessment are: futuristic, ideation, strategic, connectedness and deliberative.

Kevin works globally and lives in Des Moines, Iowa, USA with his wife and their two awesome daughters!


About WPA

WPA is the first organizational dynamics program to help organizations visualize their work activities, collaboration patterns, and culture and correlate this data to how it affects their workplace.

In just over three years, the WPA client base in Europe, Australia, and introduced into the U.S. in 2014, has grown to 100 organizations where the human capital of over 30,000 employees have been analyzed.  It is embraced by knowledge worker companies, Universities, governments and research centers, and includes Fortune 500 and multi-national companies.