Kate Lister

Kate is president of Global Workplace Analytics (GWA), a consulting and research firm that specializes in helping organizations and communities create and communicate the people/planet/profit business case for agile workplace strategies such as mobile work, telework, flexible work, activity-based work, wellness and well-being, and more. Together with a handful of carefully selected and vetted providers, together known as Agile Work Solutions, GWA can provide beginning to end solutions for agile workplace initiatives.

GWA’s research has been cited by hundreds of media outlets including the Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post. She is a frequent speaker at live and virtual events.

Global Workplace Analytics’s services include:

  • Making the business case for workplace flexibility, well-being workplace initiatives, mobile work, telework, and other agile workplace strategies
  • Developing return-on-investment and balance scorecard analyses of an organization’s workplace strategy and wellness/well-being programs
  • Helping organizations launch or expand their agile workplace initiatives
  • Helping communities understand the ROI of workplace flexibility (the Governor of the state of Washington issued an Executive Order based on one of GWA community ROI analyses)
  • Communicating the “why” and “what’s in it for me” to various stakeholders
  • Customized e-learning/m-learning programs specific to agile workplace strategies (available in 11 languages; 508 compliant; being used by global Fortune 500 leaders)
  • Writing custom white papers and conducting custom research and multi-client studies
  • Creating custom newsletters and newsfeeds on workplace strategy topics

GWA has created and maintains:

  • A proprietary Workplace Savings Calculator™ to quantify the economic, societal, and environmental benefits of alternative workplace strategies (i.e. co-working, telework, hoteling, flexible work, etc.). It includes over 125 variables and over 600 calculations. A lite version is available here.
  • The latest statistics on mobile work
  • Free and fee-based white papers on workplace strategy topics
  • A proprietary database of over 4,000 studies, papers, and articles on workplace strategy and related topics
  • A subscription-based curated newsfeed that features the latest content on workplace strategy.

Kate has written three business books including Undress For Success—The Naked Truth About Making Money at Home (John Wiley & Sons, 2009), an acclaimed book that encourages employees to negotiate or create their own alternative work options.

Contact Information:

Skype: CashKate | Email | LinkedIn | Google+ | Blog | Twitter | Slideshare | YouTube