Erik Jaspers

Erik Jaspers has over 30 years of experience in IT Technology and has held various positions, primarily in IT Project Management and Information Management for multi-national companies like ATOS (Origin) and Philips.

The last fourteen years, he has been working for Planon, a European based CAFM/IWMS software vendor.

Over these years, he has held leadership positions concerning the development of CAFM/IWMS software solutions.  He led the introduction of Agile Project Management for software product development (SCRUM), at the forefront of the adoption of these methodologies.

Mr. Jaspers is now primarily concerned with  innovation policy and the management of the Products and Solutions Roadmap for Planon, translating market developments (technical as well as non-technical) into solutions for Facility Management.

As an author he contributed to a scientific publication on agile product management (2009) as well as the IFMA publications ‘Work on the Move’ (2011) and ‘Technology for Facility Managers’ (2012).

Planon is committed to developing leading solutions for companies in managing their Real Estate, Space, Maintenance and Service management operations. Planon products are well suited for worldwide deployment.