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The Workplace Strategy & Leadership Program (WSL) is now available!

The workplace experience is increasingly being recognized by business leaders as a critical tool in the battle to recruit, retain and energize employees who are critical to enterprise success. Managing flexibility along with infrastructure cost is key to operational effectiveness in an ever-changing business world.

Workplace Management is a dynamic, emerging discipline that designs and delivers an organization’s unique workplace experience, aligning it to strategic drivers and business goals.  It coordinates all the disciplines and infrastructure needed to deliver an integrated ‘experience’ in a powerful, economic and effective way, every day.

Leveraging workplace as a strategic asset changes the responsibilities of professionals aligned with the built environment.  To support this emerging discipline, the Workplace Evolutionaries (WE) have launched the Workplace Strategy & Leadership Program (WSL).  The program is designed to develop skills, strengthen strategic alignment to the business goals and optimize the focus/value of your work. It is relevant to all industry sectors and is perfectly suited to facility managers, workplace strategists, designers, program managers, project managers and real estate professionals.

The Workplace Strategy & Leadership Program was developed by an international team of subject matter experts, and was structured around the Workplace Management Framework (WMF).  It will be taught by Andrew Mawson and other Workplace experts who are pioneers in the field.

The Workplace Strategy & Leadership Program (WSL) is comprised of four (4) modules, each of which includes three (3) live, remote lectures and one (1) virtual, interactive Workshop.  The completion of all Modules and final Workshop will lead to a certificate of completion in Workplace Management. This is the first certificate of completion program in our industry!

Pricing: If you are an IFMA/WE member and take the entire WSL program (all 4 Modules) the total cost is $3.100.
(12 Lectures x $50 plus 4 Workshops x $500 each plus the Final Workshop $500 = $3.100)

Workplace Strategy & Leadership Program

Lecture (on-line)

Workshop (on-site or on-line)

Certificate Final Workshop

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*Travel and related expenses are the responsibility of the participant.

Click here to download the Workplace Strategy & Leadership Program brochure

We are pleased to offer the current course schedule for the Workplace Strategy & Leadership Program (WSL) HERE.  Each course is designed to build upon the others.  We recommend you take the curriculum in sequence, if possible, but you can also pick and choose topics as long as you take the Introductory lecture first!  The Certificate of Completion is only awarded to those who complete the entire curriculum.

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