A Multi-disciplinary Approach for Promoting Health and Well-being


“Society is facing increased challenges in the field of health and well-being. An aging population and an increase in both lifestyle deceases and levels of stress is resulting in higher amounts of healthcare costs and poor health. According to the Integrated Benefits Institute, productivity losses related to health is costing U.S. employers $225 billion annually, and annual absenteeism costs $2.074 per employee per year.

As American workers spend over 1.700 hours a year at their jobs, employers need to take responsibility to create working environments that promote, rather than hinder, a healthy behavior. This is not a challenge that facility or HR managers can tackle by itself. We need healthy buildings, health promoting services, a leadership style and culture that creates psychological safety, as well as a digital working environment that can support the user without increasing stress levels. All stakeholders, including Management, FM, Real Estate, HR and IT needs to collaborate in order to achieve this.

The goal of this session is to provide insight in our multidisciplinary approach for creating working environments that promote health and well-being. 
The session will start with a presentation to introduce the topic. This includes:
• Research from the field of facility management, environmental psychology and organizational management in relevance of this topic.
• An outline of our multidisciplinary approach.
• Examples of health promoting work environments, including projects from the Netherlands and Sweden.


Learning Objectives:

1. Understand why it is relevant to focus on well-being
2. Gain knowledge on how they can apply a multidisciplinary approach to promote well-being in the working environment, including the process and practical solutions
3. Understand the different perspectives involved in health promoting working environment and how to get started

Presented By: Evelien Plijter