Kate North

Kate North

Vice President, Workplace Innovation


Kate North is the VP, Workplace Innovation at PlaceValue.  For more than 25 years, Kate’s has been helping organizations create innovative workplaces and adopt new ways of working. Her global expertise includes:  workplace strategy, change management, research, sustainability, design and leadership.

Kate has the pleasure of serving as the Global Chair and founder of the “Workplace Evolutionaries (WE)”, a community of practice within IFMA.  In 2011, she and a group of passionate workplace experts co-author the book “Work on the Move” which was published by the IFMA Foundation.  In 2014, she was the proud recipient of the prestigious International Associate Award for her contributions within IFMA.  Kate has was a founding leader of the CoreNet Workplace Community of Practice and served as the Operations Chair and Global Ambassador.  She also served on the “New Ways of Working” advisory board and is a member of the Future of Work.   


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