Friends of WE

Part of WE’s mission is to align and leverage workplace knowledge globally, and as such we are delighted to partner with other workplace organizations.

Friends of WE is lead by Bob Fox, Principal at Fox Architects and co-founder of Work Design Magazine.

WE works closely with each organization to identify the best way to add value. For example, last year

  • WORKTECH logoWorkTech is an international forum that looks at the implications of convergence between the worlds of technology, real estate, work and the workplace.  As a WE member, you will receive an exclusive discount on tickets to WorkTech San Francisco and WorkTech New York, along with e-mail reminders in advance of each event.  You can find more information about WORKTECH on their website.
    Considering attending an upcoming WorkTech conference? Click here to read the recap about WorkTech Sydney.
  • Work Design Magazine explores places that inspire human achievement by Work Design Logopublishing thought provoking articles, profiles on game changing products, and innovative video & written case studies, plus hosting intimate panel discussions (called TALKS). Our meaningful content helps executives to be knowledgeable on highly relevant, global workplace issues while also being invaluable resources to their clients. Enjoy our free content here or join us in person for an upcoming panel discussion here – use the promotional code: FOWEWDM for a special discounted ticket to an upcoming TALK.
  • WORKshift is a Canadian not-for-profit dedicated to advancing the workplace transformation conversation. PrintWORKshift and our team of Founders and partners are dedicated to promoting, educating and accelerating the adoption of flexible work programs that allow companies to finally accept and embrace our changed world.  We work with cities to provide them with the right resources and tools to encourage their local organizations and employees to consider flexible work as a transportation demand management, economic develop and people attraction strategy.
    WORKshift will partner with Canadian thought-leaders (including our Founders) to create the framework, tools, benchmarks and certification criteria to support a wholesale change in the move towards flexible work in Canada- and beyond. We will do for the workforce what LEED did for buildings. Our vision is to transform the way work is done in Canada.
  • Future Workplace is an HR exclusive network and research firm focused on the future of learning and working. The firm operates the Future Workplace Network, a consortium of Fortune 1000 member organizations who use Future Workplace research and insights to future proof their learning and talent strategies. The firm hosts regular webinar and an intimate and interactive two-day program for 100+ Senior HR leaders on the Future of Learning and Working. To attend in New York City on Sept 19/20 or in Las Vegas on Mar 21/22, 2017, visit and use WEFUTURE as your promotional code for a discounted rate of $999. big-logo-fwp